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What's with all the animals? 

I've always loved animals, but over the last several years, things changed. My ex-wife and I rescued or fostered all kinds dogs, cats, and bunnies. At one one point, we had 10 bunny rabbits staying in the house. Between 2008 and 2012 we rescued at least six(!) stray dogs or cats - found loose right on the street. We had to keep the lovely, now-passed Millicent (my website cover-girl) because she was totally blind. She was awesome, though. For a hilarious video of her bogarting the waterbowl from the dog, see the video below.   

As a non-sporting breed, Buddy the Keeshond basically ignores everything but his owners, which allows bunnies and Buddy to peacefully co-exist. 

All of the bunny pictures are those of my ex-wife's rescue bunnies. My ex-wife Carly has been involved with bunny rescue since before we even met. Bunny rabbits are the third-most euthanized animals in the U.S. (behind cats & dogs). Many rescue organizations work tirelessly to adopt the millions of neglected bunnies in the U.S. If you're interested in knowing more, simply Google "Bunny or Rabbit Rescue" in your area. Please do not shop at those pet stores that sell bunnies. Most of those bunnies will end up being neglected and living a sad life. Rescue organizations, on the other hand, take care of their bunnies and educate potential adopters about all that goes into the proper care for these wonderful creatures. 

Funny dog scared of blind cat

Our Keeshond Buddy, the sweetest dog in the world who lives with four additional rescue bunnies, is afraid of our blind cat, Millicent. Very funny pets and animals.

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