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LSAT Training 

I have my own uniquely effective curriculum - easier to learn and more effective than anything else out there (in my humble opinion), yet still consistent with other material. My stuff is just far more streamlined.


Very roughly speaking, estimates for the hours necessary to get through each section: 


Logical Reasoning (LR): 9 to 12 hours

Analytical Reasoning (Games): 4 to 5 hours

Reading Comprehension (RC): 1 to 2 hours

Real talk: I've cracked the code for Logical Reasoning (and of course for Reading Comprehension but that code is far less complex) in ways that other LSAT prep companies haven't. Bold claim I realize, but the entire code can be found in my 18-page LSAT Training Manual.

Please know that cracking the Logical Reasoning code is not by itself an easy task. In fact, cracking the code features five levels of difficulty. The good news is that

mastery over only levels 1 through 3 is enough to (almost) ace through the section. 

I certainly don't expect people to take my word for the above, which is why students

do NOT pay for the first lesson ($160 for each hourly lesson) unless I'm hired for future lessons. Specifically:

1. We have a chat over the phone (text or call 510-847-9711)

2. We have a full-on 60 minute Zoom session.

3. If I'm hired, then after the second Zoom session, I'm owed $320 ($160 for each hour)

Each lesson is scheduled one at a time. Payment is due after each lesson.

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