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LSAT Videos 

The LSAT was the first test I ever taught, and I knew from the beginning that I had finally found something at which I could excel (it took awhile, but I found it). 

The following videos represent my personal explanations to the Games (Analytical Reasoning) section of an actual, previously administered LSAT (June 2007). This test can be downloaded from the LSAC website.ere. 

The first two videos each explain how to approach one game. The last video describes my 4-step method for LSAT Games, which can also be found in my LSAT Training Manual.

Please forgive the small print on the video (my handwriting is much larger and more legible - just give it a minute). Enjoy!

LSAT Game explained (Game 1, June 2007)

Just explains the initial set-up to this game, which is actually enough to answer the questions.

LSAT Game explained (Game 4, June 2007)

A FULL explanation to the fourth and most challenging game from this LSAT.

LSAT Games (Analytical Reasoning) method

Please see my first 2 videos before viewing this one. This video goes over my 4-step method for dealing with all games (Analytical Reasoning) on the LSAT.

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