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GMAT Training 

Although I can provide an entire GMAT course, training tends to focus either on Quantitative or Verbal (not both). I have a specific curriculum for each section that is tailored to each student's experience and skill. The best way to get a sense of my training is to check out my GMAT Quantitative videos by clicking here

I typically recommend that we work together for 4 or 5 ninety-minute sessions, after which you take a practice test. From there, we discuss next steps. 

The Quant section tests a lot of different concepts; at least 7 ninety-minute sessions tend to be needed to cover just the basics. Don't worry because I really have developed the very best GMAT Quant strategies on the market. That's what happens when you spend 14 years with this stupid test. 

For the Verbal section, I recommend 1 session each for Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction, and at least 2 or 3 sessions for Critical Reasoning. So yes, many students choose to study CR on their own. 

My GMAT curriculum covers the following concepts:

GMAT Quantitative

The Big Three

Picking Numbers and Plugging in Answer choices

Foundations of Data Sufficiency (multiple equations & picking numbers)

Algebra (equations, quadratics, functions)

Number Properties (digits, even & odd, inequalities, absolute value, exponents & radicals, multiples & divisors, remainders, sequences)

Proportions (fractions, ratios, percents, mixtures, dilution, averages, rates, work, cost, wages, growth)

Number Sets (overlaps, statistics, groups/orderings, probability)

Geometry and y = mx + b (lines)

GMAT Verbal

Critical Reasoning

Weaken, Strengthen, Inference, Necessary Assumption, Evaluate, Resolve, Bolded Statement, Sufficient Assumption (rare), Flaw (rare)

Reading Comprehension

Sentence Correction

Subject-Verb (agreement & tense), Pronouns, Modifiers,

Parallel Structure, Comparisons, Idioms

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