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Hello! Yes, I am an expert LSAT and GMAT trainer and fully aware that bunny rabbits have nothing to do with that. I just think it makes for a more interesting website. These guys are 2 (out of 4) who live with my ex-wife. All rescues, of course. Click on the pic to see giant bunnies. That being said...

I have been successfully training students to take the LSAT and GMAT since 1999, including 5 years as an instructor, tutor, and teacher-trainer for a major test-preparation company. I am friendly, professional, and take test-preparation very seriously. I train (rather than merely teach) students to attack each test with ruthless efficiency.

Clients do NOT pay for the first session unless I’m hired for future sessions. $110 per hour ($165 for each 90-minute session) with lessons scheduled one at a time. Not a small amount, but I consider my training to be the best in the business. Please call or text (510) 847-9711 for an initial phone-consultation. Training is conducted online via Zoom.

I have worked with students with a wide range of skill and experience: some have no experience with either the GMAT or the LSAT, while others have not only taken a course, but have also been studying on-and-off for a loooonnnng time. Some students were engineers educated outside of the U.S., some were ivy league graduates while others barely made it through school. I have taught the SAT in the Oakland Public High Schools, trained project managers at Apple & Google, and once even worked with a minor pop star (scored 97th percentile on the GMAT).

Using my unique "Training Manuals", I train students to quickly recognize question types

and the appropriate method. These methods go beyond those currently being taught by the major test-prep companies. I have developed uniquely effective strategies for the most complex question types on each test. With my training (and the homework I provide), my students know exactly what TO DO with every question that shows up on test-day. I also discuss the psychology of standardized testing, including confidence issues and time-management.

I can provide an entire course or act as a supplement to your current studies (I'm familiar with all LSAT and GMAT prep courses). Please recall: you only pay for the first session if you hire me for future sessions (so you can meet me at no risk). 

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